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本文摘要:Companion planting is the idea that some kinds of plants can help each other grow. Plants that are compatible together generally have similar needs in terms of nutrients, soil and moisture levels.混栽的点子在于某些种类的植物有助彼此生长。

Companion planting is the idea that some kinds of plants can help each other grow. Plants that are compatible together generally have similar needs in terms of nutrients, soil and moisture levels.混栽的点子在于某些种类的植物有助彼此生长。相互相容的植物一般在养分、土壤和水分含量上有类似于市场需求。Advice about which plants are compatible is sometimes based more on tradition than proof. But experts say there is evidence to support certain combinations. These can improve harvests, reduce disease and help with pest control by attracting helpful insects.有关哪些植物需要相互相容有时候更加多各不相同传统而不是论证。但专家回应某些人组有证据作为反对。


这些人组可以提升农作物、增加疾病,并且通过更有益虫来协助掌控虫害。For example, some kinds of soil bacteria take nitrogen from the air and make it into a form that plants can use. The plants hold the nitrogen in their roots. Legumes are especially good at this nitrogen-fixing. Then any crops that share the same space as the legumes can get the nitrogen as the roots decompose.例如,某些类型的土壤细菌从空气中吸取氮并将其转化成沦为一种植物需要利用的形式。


Beans and potatoes can also share territory well because their roots reach different levels in the soil. Deep-rooted vegetables get nutrients and moisture from lower down in the soil, so they do not compete with plants with shallower roots.菜豆和马铃薯也能很好地共享领土,因为它们的根在土壤中的深度有所不同。深根类蔬菜从加深的土壤中取得养分和水分,因此它们会与深根植物竞争。

But some plants placed together may harm each others development. For example, tomatoes do not like wet soil but watercress does, so you would probably want to keep them separated.但有些植物放在一块可能会伤害各自的发展。例如,西红柿不讨厌潮湿的土壤,但豆瓣菜却讨厌潮湿的土壤,所以你有可能必须将它们分离。

Some kinds of produce should be kept apart even after being harvested. This is because of ethylene gas. Ethylene is a plant hormone that can cause some foods to ripen too quickly. Apples release ethylene gas. Apricots, melons and tomatoes also release a lot of ethylene. Some vegetable are easily affected by ethylene, including asparagus, broccoli, cabbage and cucumbers.某些种类的农产品即使在进账后也应该隔离开。这是因为乙烯。乙烯是一种植物激素,需要造成一些食物成熟期太快。

苹果不会获释乙烯。杏、甜瓜和西红柿也获释乙烯。有些蔬菜很更容易不受乙烯影响,其中还包括芦笋,西兰花,白菜和黄瓜。This risk of ripening too soon is why markets often separate high ethylene-producing foods from those that are sensitive to the gas.这种过慢催熟的风险就是市场上常常将产生乙烯多的食物和对乙烯脆弱的食物分离的原因。

But if you put an apple in a bag with a green banana, the ethylene from the apple will make the banana ready to eat sooner.但如果你将一个苹果和未熟的香蕉放入一个袋子里,苹果获释的乙烯将使香蕉迅速可以食用。What about peaches, plums and nectarines that are too firm to eat? These kinds of fruit do not need any help from an apple they release enough ethylene to ripen themselves. But that does not mean there is no way to get the job done faster.桃子、李子、油桃不吃一起过于软怎么办?这类水果不必须苹果拜托,它们需要获释充足多的乙烯使自身成熟期。但这并不意味著没有办法使这个成熟期的过程更加慢一些。

Growers suggest placing the fruit in a fruit bowl or in a paper bag with the top folded over. Keep the fruit at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Once the fruit is soft enough to your liking, either use it or put it in the refrigerator to keep it from getting too ripe. Yuck.种植者建议将这些水果放进水果盘或纸袋里并盖好。将这些水果维持在室温下防止阳光照射。一旦水果硬到你讨厌的程度,要么不吃了它,要么把它放进冰箱以避免它显得过于煮。



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